Friday, March 10, 2017

Law in my perspective.

What is law for me ?

Basically law is a written rule that guide the citizen of a country, so they know what things can be do and not. This law been created not only to ensure the stabilize of the country but it is also for the goodness of its citizen. For example like the traffic law that require all the motorcycle rider to wear helmet when riding the bike and the car driver to wear the seat belt when driving.

In Malaysia, the process of creating a law happened in the parliament where the bill will goes through three readings. The bill should win majority vote from the member of parliament and then it will be a statutes.

For me, law can be formal and informal. The law that informal been called as taboos and it been created by our ancestor. They believed that, if a person violate a taboos then something bad will be happened to them. The concept still the same with the formal one, just maybe the implementation have a bit difference.

So, whether we like it or not, we must obey the law, as long as it did not violate what our religion has taught and as long it give goodness to us.