Thursday, May 16, 2013

Depression .

Depression is like one big black hole .
After it pulls you in . You cant get out .
So you spend countless nights crying yourself to sleep . You spend days in your room
You feel like you doing absolutely nothing .
You're constantly hoping that things will get better , but also wondering
if they ever eventually will .
And the worst part ?
When you finally start to get happy again,
depression pulls you back in . 
You crash harder than before.

For you . Yes You !
It's not the goodbye that hurts ,
but the flashbacks that follow me .
Now , I must face the reality that I'm losing you .
How I wish I could forget you just as easily as you forgot me .
Eventhough deep inside i'm hurt . But I'll be pretend to be happy with your happiness .

"sekurang-kurangya , Tuhan dah selamatkan aku
dari orang yang tak setia .
Hey ! Semoga Bahagia "

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