Saturday, April 9, 2016

My Masscomm Story

I never know about the existence of this course and also I never wish that one day, I want to have a career in this field . I want to be a surgeon when I was in primary school and when I was 13, I realize that I'm not good enough in Mathematics and Science . So I change my ambition to be a Chef since I love to cook. But then I realize again that culinary course is still not represent myself, my passion and attitude, Until I was 16, I finally decide to be a Journalist and one of my teacher also suggesting me to be in mass communication field. Since then , I make my research and never change my decision again.

I've learnt a lot of things . The way to speak , how to write , how to dress and the best things is I've improve my English a lot. Not to say that I'm too fluent to speak English but at least I have the confidence.

Now, I want to share what I've already did during my diploma in Mass Communication.

Interview session with PRP of Yakult

Interview session with senior Graphic Designer Didik, Berita Harian.

Short film shooting titled Jannatul Firdaus.

Vlog shooting featuring Megat AD , titled 10 ways to be awesome in University.

Short film shooting, titled Diari Buta Dhia.

First event that I held an important position and my first event that I worked with students other than my classmate. My very first time communicate with VIP's and knowing who Brgsjks is. Hiks.

Make a factory visit at Percetakan Surya for publishing assignment . From that visit , I learnt the whole process to make a book and etc.

2nd event, as secretary . I learnt how to make a proper letter and step by step to find sponsors for the event.

Other than these , I also learnt how to read a news like a newscaster, creating my own newspaper, game, and website.

I've learnt a lot and to be honest , the learning process, sometimes made me cry and gave me the unstoppable pressure. Thank you for those who always supporting me during my worst moment and never give up to teach me anything that I have no idea how to do it. I really enjoyed my diploma years and never forget everything that I went through. 

Hope you enjoy my sharing like I enjoy to write about it. Have a nice day. Tschuss !


  1. Assalammualaikum. Hi, sis :) saya baca blog awak sbb semalam saya dpt tawaran iv course ni. i'm very nervous and worried because this course isnt my first choice. honestly, saya pilih course penulisan artistik but takd rezeki hehe its okay. btw, i'm curious abt something. i have a big passion in writting story, so saya nk belajar cara buat skrip dgn betul and i want to be a scriptwriter/director in the future. sis rasa course ni boleh bantu saya utk achieve my goal tak?

    1. Waalaikumsalam ...of coz boleh :).. you will learn it in Broadcast subject , making a script and having a production team. Not only broadcast , nnti maybe ada subjek yg assignment dia memerlukan video shooting n everything , so dri situ awk boleh asah bakat awk tu. Pray the best for u. Manalah tahu nnti tiba2 bila masuk bidang ni , awk tersuka pulak dgn bidang2 yg akn awk belajar nnti. Goodluck !

    2. Alhamdulillah. lega saya dengar hehe thank you sis :)

    3. oh sis, saya ada soalan lagi. masa perkenalkan diri tu, nk cakap pasal apa ya?

    4. Kalau mcm sis dulu , sis bgthu nama , asal , nama sek lama , hobi dgn ambition

    5. alright. thank you for sharing sis :)

  2. sis,susah x masscom ni?saya minat kerjaya yg memerlukan kita kena cakap..tpi saya xyakin..saya rasa macam dptkah saya kerja nnti..sbb ramai lgi yg lgi terer..lgi satu,sektor kerja dlm masscomm ni bnyk swasta kan?ayh saya nk saya kerja dgn kerajaan