Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spontaneous Sunday : April 10th

10th April 2013

Its the beginning of everything. The beginning of our long conversation , getting to know to each other until we create the relationship that I hold the memories until now, even you were left behind with someone else. Better than me. Perfect to you.

No need a throwback because I already did everyday. Before I went to sleep. I promise to move on but the fact is I'm moving in a circle. No matter how far I went, my steps still brings me closer to you. Because you are the best things ever happened to me also the saddest things I ever felt.

Hoping that you know to find me when ever you'll need me . My heart still the same until I find someone better than you. Which I never know when .

Dedicated to one and only.
May Allah protects him. Love.

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