Saturday, July 23, 2016

Spontaneous Saturday : A Day at Denai Alam Recreational Center, Shah Alam.

Brother just got back from Sarawak last night . And early in the morning he asked me if I want to join him to riding a horse and playing archery at DARC, Shah Alam.

I say yes for that :D

Before you've planning to do some activity at DARC for the first time like me , I suggest you to register and join their family membership at only RM 180 per year and enjoy the best price for all recreational activity at DARC. Its really worth it for those who wants to learn riding a horse , playing archery and many more.

Most of the review on the internet says that DARC have offer the best and affordable price for riding horse lesson .


After riding horse , I go to the archery field for a try and lesson session. It was my first time handling the bow and arrow . So many things I've learned from the instructor , Uncle Sam. Thanks to him. He teach me a lot of new things and most of the time I was like 'ooooo.......' . He so friendly and tak lokek ilmu langsung !

*Still in learning process , tapi ada mcm gaya2 Hawkeye sikit kan ? Hiks :D

* Can't compete my brother . He's way better than me.

For those yang first time nak try archery , here something good for you to know :

1- Kalau tarik tali busur waktu takda anak panah , jangan lepaskan tali yang ditarik sebab boleh buat busur tu patah.

2- Jangan collect anak panah waktu aktiviti memanah dilakukan . Because the arrow never have an eye ! So if nk pergi collect anak panah kat padang sasar tu , let other player know and pastikan takda siapa yang memanah waktu tu.

3- Waktu nak cabut anak panah kat board dia, pastikan badan kita tak menghadap anak panah. Nak cabut anak panah tu pun ada cara dia tau ! bukan main cabut je. 

Ok. I believe you'll learn more than me :D
and here a video of me learning to play archery ...


* No pain no gain gaiz . It hurts but when you enjoy the game , you didn't think about it.

So. Thats my story for today. If you really love archery and riding horses. You can come to Denai Alam Recreational Center and join the membership for the best price. More information about DARC you can visit their website at DARC Shah Alam.

Have a nice weekend people. Tschuss :)

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