Sunday, July 17, 2016

Spontaneous Monday : The Hardship of Letting Go

Yesterday, I finally have a time to watch Me Before You . A romantic genre of movie adapted from a novel.The storyline is quiet predictable and I can say that the love story that want to be potrays in this movie was so cliche . But I still loved it . Have watching it 2 times and still bring me a tears evethough thats the 2nd times, I watching it . The storyline reminds me of my own experience .

Letting Go.

This what the story is all about and this is what I've been learnt 2 years ago and until now. It is sad when you need to let go someone who you really loves , the one you care really much, the one you know that once she/he left , you will never find someone like them anymore. The fact on letting go of someone is hard to be face.

"Let them go , and believe that something better will come for you . You just don't know when but as long as the God is exist you will never dissapointed"

One day , I told my bestfriend this things.

When you already find someone special and he is better than you and you know that sometime you just not perfect to be with him and too 'dumb' to chose you as his gf, never asked him to find someone else better than you for the reason you loved him and he deserved to get someone better than you.

Because at the end of the day, you will finally regrets it.

The only things you need to do was improving yourself to be a better person until you think that there's no such reason for him to find someone else better than you. Cherish every moment and appreciate every single things that make both of you happy.

"Its already evening..I want to go home now"
I can feels how hard he is to let me go at that time. He pulls my bag .
"Wait , lets walk around and then you may go home"

And I take a photo of our shoes .
Thats the first and last photo I have with him.
The first and last time I met you.

At the end of the movie . There is a word that been said by Will to Clark :
' Dont think of me too often. I dont want you to be sad . Just live well . Just live '

It reminds me of your word before you go for your first sailing.
'Jangan ingat aku sangat , jangan sedih2 , belajar rajin-rajin k' .

                                          If I still have a chance.
                                         But I know its too late.

Here, a video of Me Before You movie clip . Enjoy ! 


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